Posted by: reapcanadainternblog | March 28, 2013

I am in Wack Ngouna, Sénégal.

Wack Ngouna (pronounced wak-in-goona) is over 200 km southeast from Dakar, the capital city of Senegal.

It is home to CLCOP (Cadre Local de Concertation des Organisations de Producteurs), our local partner community organization. It is in the central region of Senegal – Saloum region, also known as the Peanut Basin – sandwiched between the Sudano-Sahelien and Guinean Rainforest climate (fancy way to say that they have one dry and one rainy season).

We are currently in dry season and everything is burning hot under the scorching sun and Harmattan winds. The animals are out free ranging – scavenging anything they can to survive during the dry season. The streets are heavily littered with dungs and plastics all over the place.

The most (in)visible sign of landscape is the lack of trees. Deforestation is one of the main concerns in the region since firewood is still extensively used for cooking.

One of our work mandates is to help reduce fuelwood consumption and improve household energy security in the region. We have introduced energy-efficient cookstoves and agro-forestry as part of the ongoing efforts to slowdown (and hopefully reverse) the deforestation rate. We try, Inchalla!

wack ngouna

Pic. 1. Welcome to Wack Ngouna

fuelwood_boy 1

Pic. 2. Fuel wood gathering

Wack ngouna_village 1

Pic. 3. Wack Ngouna village compounds

Cows and baobab

Pic. 4. Village cow herds

*Photo credit: Sung Kyu Kim


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