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Ibrahima Haliloulay Dia

Ibrahima Haliloulay Dia – this is my local name.

Ibrahima or Ibou (pronounced ee-boo) for short is the first name. Ibrahima is same as Abraham the Patriarch of the People and the Prophets.

Haliloulay is kind of middle name (of full version of Ibrahima) and it means “Ami de Dieu” ou “une Plume de Dieu”. A friend of God or God’s  pen (It is Written).

Dia is the last name and is pronounced Jah. Dia belongs to the ethnic group Peuhl (pronounced as is) who are known as nomads and livestock rearer.

I was baptized by a local teacher and organic farmer named Moussa “professeur” Dia (hence my last name). He was visiting a friend who lived in my compound in Wack Ngouna the day I first arrived and after our greeting, he decided that my original name would be too difficult for the locals and gave me the name Dia. As for my first name, I actually chose myself – Ibou. My first night in Dakar, the hotel clerk who helped me was named Ibou and I liked the sound of it.

Salamaleekum, Ibou Dia laa tudda (Peace be with you, my name is Eeboo Jah)!

mosque_nioro du rip 1

Pic. 1. Mosque at Nioro du Rip
mosque_nioro du rip 2
Pic. 2. Actually didn’t go in…
friday attire_1
Pic. 3. Friday prayer attire – now going to the mosque!
*Photo credit: Sung Kyu Kim

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